Hey friends! I’m Rui, the writer behind Libation Magazine. After graduating from college and moving to a city, I was exposed to fine dining restaurants and fell deeply in love with the concept of small plates. Each dish was beautifully plated on handmade ceramics, and I was constantly being “wowed” by the flavor combinations that I could have never thought up of on my own (tofu, sesame, and strawberries anyone?). It’s an art form in many dimensions, and these chefs are not scared to push boundaries. I wanted to bring that philosophy and energy to cocktail culture, which is how Libation Magazine started, and is the reason why you might find odd ingredients like pistachio orgeat and greek yogurt in my cocktail recipes. My mission behind Libation Magazine is to inspire the home bartender who craves ingredient ideas, and to guide the wannabe home bartender into this quirky world that is mixology.